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Using The Berry Gelato Strain Smartly

Is it the first time you have bought yourself the Berry Gelato strain? Well, you are then certainly in for a treat. There is so much pleasure you can get out of it! If you are looking for ways you can use it smartly, then here goes. These are just some of the ways to do it but you can think of a few of your own too.

In Your Vape Pen

This is seriously the most common way to get to use your favorite terp blend. Just put a few drops of it in your vape pen on top of the dried herbs and flowers and you will be ready. Of course, you must make sure that the vape pen itself is charged properly before use because this will mean you are ready for a long session,

In Potpourri or Flower Arrangement

A great reason many people buy terpenes is that they want to make their homes smell beautiful. The smell can indeed enhance the beauty of any home so using beautiful ones can be tempting. So if you are one of those people who wants their homes to smell lovely, then using the Berry Gelato sour cookies strain in potpourri or a flower arrangement is certainly a great idea.

You can just use a small amount of it by spraying it on the flowers. This will give your home a lovely scent you are going to enjoy!

Splash a Little on Your Wrists

Are you someone who loves perfume? Then adding a little of it to your wrist is undoubtedly something you should try. Get the full benefits of the aromas of this terpene this way. You will be able to take a sniff whenever you want while watching television or listening to music. Enjoy the after-effects as well. It is certainly a beautiful experience.

Put It in the Food

If you buy terpenes to use in food, doing so is the easiest way to make the most of the amazing flavors. Whether it is a baked dish or a cookie, enhance the flavors by putting a little of the terpene into the cooked dish. Share with friends and see them being appreciative!

As you can see, there is no one good way to use terpenes. There are many. Use many ways to make the most of your spray bottle and find one you like the most. With terpenes, your world will be more beautiful-smelling and exciting, to say the least.


What strain is berry gelato?

Berry Gelato is a hybrid of Blueberry and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, taking cues from both in terms of its intensely sweet flavors and high. In addition, a higher 21% THC content in flowers draws more seasoned cannabis users to its packets.

Is Berry a sativa or indica?

Member Berry is an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a long-lasting, floaty high. The Skunkberry x Mandarin Sunset cross produced the Member Berry strain, which has beautifully dense green buds that are easy to work with.

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