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How to Play and Win Solitaire and Teen Patti Card Game Online

Solitaire is a popular card game made famous by being included in most versions of Microsoft Windows. Its addictive nature means that many new players find it each and every day. There are many popular online versions of Free Solitaire that add superior graphics, improved user controls, hints and other options compared to the ones found installed with Microsoft Windows. Of course the problem with such a great card game is that once you start playing it’s difficult to stop even when you win! Any play knows that sometimes what might have been just a quick game quickly turns into an hour of solitaire playing.

If you are playing Solitaire for the first time, then you will find that basic game is quite easily learnt especially if you start playing with the 1 suit version of the game, as there are many more legal moves that you can perform. However the most enjoyable and most challenging version of Solitaire is the 4 suit version. There are always fewer possibly moves, but something about this particular set of rules means that the balance between the difficulty and the joy when you win is deeply rewarding. It’s a great game to relax with and while away some time especially when you are tired.

If you need to it’s very easy to search for “How to play Solitaire” to make sure you know all the move possibilities and rules. After a few games you’ll know exactly how to play, and the difference between winning and losing is just two things – luck and strategy. You might not be able to change your luck and how the cards are dealt but you can certainly improve your playing strategies!

Firstly make sequences of cards by following the suit, uncover any hidden cards as and when possible. Try to build up empty piles at the earliest opportunity and always give priority to rearranging higher cards. Before you deal the next set of 10 cards try or use up any empty places try pile up as many as possible in suit order. Only then should you use any empty places, and again try to keep piling those cards up in their natural order. By following these procedures, your chances of winning Solitaire will surely increase and hopefully you’ll be reward with wins much more often.

How to play Teen Patti card Game?

The Teen Patti is an easy and straightforward game that is usually played by 3 to 6 players and uses a 52-card pack without jokers. Just like other poker games, the game of Teen Patti begins by placing a bet that has to be fixed before the cards are distributed.

Once each player has placed the bet and the boot amount (the minimum amount of cash at stake, kept in the pot) is collected, each player is distributed three cards facing down on the table.

Once all the players are given three cards, the players are then required to make a call or a raise. While making a call indicates that the player will continue in the game without raising the bet, making a raise means that the player will be adding cash in the pot. The players who make a raise will risk winning or lose more than the original bet.

As the rounds continue, the boot amount starts to increase, and the game is finally won by the person who stays in the game and has the best or the highest hand. The point royal or the number is decided on the cards ranking from highest to lowest, which we will discuss further in the article.

Once you know about the Teen Patti card game rules, you will quickly get the hang of the game.

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